My given name is Josh Giese, but I go by Josh Highland. I am an internet applications developer that specializes in building online communities through social media and mobile technologies. I love to empower users to connect and contribute with each other. I am passionate about the limitless possibilities that software and the internet offer when combined with an individuals personal passions.

I develop software for fun and for a living.

Years ago I created In 2002, notPopular has become one of the best know resources in the Southern California underground music scene, helping fans connect with bands, and for bands to gain new followers, as well as delivering the latest music news and information.

In 2008, I founded Hold Fast Products LLC, a company devoted to grooming products for men. The flagship product for the company was “Hold Fast Premium water based pomade”. The marketing efforts of Hold Fast are primarily conducted through social networks, and In May of 2010, I sold the business.

After the sale of Hold Fast in 2010, I formed NewLeaf Labs, which is now known as venntov. Venntov is a technology company that specializes in internet and mobile application development and support. We strive to create software and services that enable people to engage technology in meaningful ways.

I contribute to TechZulu focuses on technology based companies and events in Southern California, conducting video interviews with key individuals in the tech world. TechZulu is gaining ground rapidly, and I am proud to help them grow.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of California Riverside (UCR), and a guest lecturer at The Art Institute of Southern California – Inland Empire campus.