My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

  • launch v3.0
  • start training Muay Thai again
  • start riding my bike again
  • lose some weight, get back into shape
  • be sick less (aka take better care of myself)
  • agressively promote Hold Fast Pomade
  • work more with TechZulu
  • break into the top 1000 twitter users (currently im #4,270)
  • take a nice vacation with the wife
  • write an iPhone app
  • hiking / camping with the boys
  • get a few more tattoos
  • launch
  • improve
  • read more books
  • pay off my credit cards
  • become a dad?!

Update 01/11/09 : So far this year is off to a solid start, notpop 3.0 is launched, and I have been going to muay thai training for the last week and a half. I hope this momentum keeps up!

Update 03/15/09: I have been training muay thai and running for 3 months now. I’ve lost some weight and mycardio is increasing. I think it counts as getting back into shape. I’m hoping to have a fight in a month

Update 06/15/09: I launched my first iPhone app, RotoPhoto. The app costs $0.99 USD and is available in the iTunes store. The iPhone SDK has a steep learning curve but I’m getting the hang of it, and Mac OS X.

Update 06/29/09: I rewrote several of the aspects of The URLs are now cleaner and the web app should be much more responsive now. I <3 CodeIgniter.

Update 07/15/09: I am just now finishing up my 4th book of the year. I know for some this might not be a lot, but for me I think its a huge leap. Since college I had read 2  books (one being the Bible) on my own. Now this year I’m on pace to finish 8 or 9. Most of the books are of the marketing, investing and self help variety 🙂