My Goals For 2014


Every year I posts a list of things I want to accomplish in that year. 2014 is going to hold some big things. Here is my list for things that I’m going to strive for and achieve this year.

  • Get more involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Involve more wearable tech in my life
  • Work on educating people more about MFA and account security
  • Get more involved in the Shopify community
  • Continue to automate more of my income
  • Continue to pay off more debt
  • Launch another Shopify app
  • Continue to delegate more of my tasks
  • Finish and publish my SEO book
  • Expand my SEO offerings to clients
  • Drive a Tesla Model S (at least a test drive or a rental)
  • Have a  conversation with Kevin Rose, and Tim Ferris
  • Contribute to more charities