My Goals For 2015


Keeping with tradition, here is the list of goals I have for 2015:

  • Be more mindful (meditate / don’t stress out)
  • Improve my work life balance (spend more quality time with family and friends)
  • Improve my cardio
  • Continue to pay off more debt
  • Launch my book, Shopify Empire
  • Become more involved in the Shopify community
  • Grow my Shopify app user base
  • Move more of my apps on to “the cloud”
  • Develop a platform independent SaaS product
  • Automate and delegate as much as possible
  • Reduce the amount of “Stuff” I have
  • Drive a Tesla Model S (test drive or rent one)
  • Have a conversation with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss
  • Sleep more
  • Blog more