Transfer ORM with Mark Mandel


I have been working long and hard on a project at work (yes i have a realy job outside of working on notpop and related sites)
I’m lucky enough to work with Luis Majano, the creator of the ColdBox Coldfusion Application Framework. Working with ColdBox has really increased the performance of the site, and brought the company fully into object oriented ColdFusion programming.

Along with Coldbox, we have really relied on Transfer-ORM to handle 99% of our database operations. Again, a huge improvement over what we were doing in the past, and a great time saver also. Transfer-ORM was created by Mark Mandel.

I’m a member of the Inland Empire Coldfusion users group, and last Friday we had our month meeting, held by Luis Majano, with Mark Mandel as the guest speaker, talking about Transfer. It was a really great presentation, with a lot of great information.

We recorded the presentation through adobe connect, so its available online. If you are interested in taking your coldfusion database operations to the next level, I suggest you check out Mark Mandels presentation, I learned a lot, I’m sure you will also.

check it out: