NASA adopts the Coldfusion framework – Coldbox


WOW! NASA just adopted the Coldfusion Framework, ColdBox as their official web development framework. NASA!

I’m excited about this for several reasons. I have been using the Coldbox framework for about a year now. Before Coldbox, I was using Fusebox. Fusebox isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t compare to the features that I get out of Coldbox. I suggest that all serious Coldfusion developers take an in depth look at Coldbox as an application framework. Heck if its good enough for government rocket scientists, its got to be good enough for anything that you or I are doing!

Coldbox is developed and maintained by Luis Majano. Please stop by his blog and encourage his to continue the development of this software.

While you are at it, please stop by DIGG, and digg his blog post about NASA adopting ColdBox!