Bulk downloading from Flickr


Some of my friends have stated to discover how awesome Flickr is, and have started to upload tons of pictures of the parties and other events we throw.

I am weird when is comes to data. I’m worried that Flickr or any other photo hosting sites for that matter, will one day go away and I will lose access to all those awesome images.

The only solution to solve my neurotic ways is to download the large versions of the images from flickr, and back them up locally, 7 ways from sunday.

I could always click into each picture and then save it. LAME. not doing it. Instead, I spent about 5 minutes googeling for a solution, and I came across FlickrDown.

FlickrDown is an open source app based on Microsoft .NET 2.0, and it works great. Download it, run it, enter a flickr username, pick the album and download. EASY AS THAT!

download it today! http://greggman.com/pages/flickrdown.htm