ReArrange items in the Taskbar


I love using firefox, and one of the reasons is the tabs. Opening things in tabs is great. I really like the fact that I can drag the tabs around to make things easier for myself. Since 1995 I have been wonderign my Microsoft hasn’t made it possible to reorganize the programs that running and minimized in the system taskbar. It cant be that hard to develop. It the little things that Apple gets that Microsoft doesn’t get.

Until Microsoft can figure out how to let me reorganize my taskbar, a small freeware application called “Taskbar Shuffle” is here to save the day.

Its free, its light weight, no ads, so spyware, it just works. Run in, and then start dragging and dropping things in the task bar. After a while I have found it hard to use a windows computer that doesn’t have it installed.

You should install it to day.