Homeward Bound: OH HELLZ YEAH!

I just spend the last week on vacation in the midwest with one of my best friends Jason Keller. We spend the time visiting a very sweet group of dudes.

We were scheduled to fly home Tuesday at 6:25 pm from Indiana, at least thats what I thought! I had looked at the itinerary wrong, and was looking at the time our CONNECTING flight was leaving from Texas to California. We missed our plane by 4 hours! Oops. So we were stuck in Indiana for another day until we could catch a flight the next morning.

We were staying with a friend who works in a tattoo shop, so we had been hanging around making friends with the other artists that worked there. It was a slow day, and everyone was giving me crap about making us miss our flight. We walked over to the corner store to get some drinks, when i saw a temporary tattoo machine, you know the kind you put the quarters in. As a joke, I said “I should get what ever comes out of this machine tattooed on me for real”. Lexie, one of the tattoo artists said “I will do it for free if you agree to get what ever comes out of this machine, as punishment for missing your flight”. I agreed, inserted my quarters and threw caution to the wind. what the hell, right? Its only going to be on me the rest of my life!

Luck was on my side, I got this sweet tattoo out of the machine!

I am a man of my word, so I went through with it! Check out the pics below.

This is the final product, its still healing. It turned out so good that it looked like a serious tattoo, so I had her free hand a speech bubble with a phrase that my friends suggested… “OH HELLZ YEAH!”

I will never miss another flight for as long as I live!