Hold Fast Pomade – Another Josh Highland Company

In high school, my physics teacher/computer mentor told me something that stuck with me, “Josh, one day you are going to make a million dollars, or serve a million days in prison”. He of course was talking about my computer activities, but I think it still applies in this situation.

I have started another new business! Unlike my pervious envevors, this one has a business model, and tangible items for sale. I have developed and started to sell my own brand of pomade for men! “pomade, you mean hair grease?” That’s exactly what I mean!

Hold Fast Premium Water Based Pomade

So here is the story….

My good friend, Dylan Johnson is a classically trained barber (straight razor shaves and all that). I have been going to him for years to get my hair cut. Over all, I have been using pomade in my hair for almost 6 years now.

I’ve tried Murray’s and other petroleum based pomades. They gave me acne, got on my clothes and my pillow, and most of all they were very hard to wash out of my hair. Water based pomades are the alternative, they don’t give you acne and they wash out with just water.

Clubman made an awesome water based pomade that I loved, but they stopped making it. In response to that, other water based pomades came out, and I used them. I thought they were okay at best. I didn’t like the smell of most of them, or how they would dry out and become stiff like gel as the day went on.

Upset by the hair products and some other situations in my life, I grew my hair out for 2 years. Once I realized I looked stupid with long hair, I went to Dylan and had him make me look like a man again.

With short hair once again, I was back using pomade. I was really disappointed with my pomade options, so I started sampling various water based pomades again, to try to find the one I really liked. In every pomade I tired, there was something that I liked, and something that I hated.

Over time I became so frustrated by the lack of options, that I decided to take the best parts of the various pomades I had tried and create my own premium pomade.

I hired some scientists to create a pomade with the qualities and scent that I wanted (I wish I knew how to cook this stuff in my bathtub!)

After a year of research and tons of samples, I found what i believe to be the winning formula.

A few of the highlights:

  • It smells good (slight citrus scent)
  • Holds your hair all day
  • Stays soft and comb-able
  • Washes out with water
  • Contains proteins and vitamins (its good for your hair!)

The packaging art and design are original works by the legendary Dave Quiggle

It’s a gamble, but I’m very happy and proud of my product.

I really don’t care if I don’t sell a single jar of my pomade, I’m just happy that I have a hair product to use that has all the qualities that I want. Maybe some other people will will feel the same way about it and buy a few.

That’s the story of Hold Fast Pomade.  Pick some up, try it out.,,, I need a new computer, and a house 🙂